The Best Candidates Aren’t Looking,
They’re Waiting for You to Find Them.


Being a Qualified Candidate Today

If you were the best at what you do (which you very well may be), would you constantly be searching for small gigs, or would you consistently have clients come to you with big projects and jobs? That’s exactly how candidates are approaching opportunities in today’s job market, they are waiting to be sought out.

Some, of course, may very well be active in hunting down positions and opportunities that suit their field, you will find, though, that many wait for employers to come to them. 

Where and how to find those of certain expertise may prove as a challenge to some, as many desirable employees are continually being booked and have jobs and projects they have previously committed too. However, there are many individuals out there waiting for opportunities to present themselves, and it’s up to you to seek them out to present them. 

Where to Find Good Candidates 

If you were a highly qualified candidate, where would you reside? Where would you post your resume, portfolio, qualifications, and certificates? The first step is to identify possible applications, sites, or social media platforms that these qualified individuals utilize to display their portfolio and resume for employers to review and hire based on the position.  Below is a chart suggesting the various platforms that are beneficial to finding candidates:

Demonstrated in this image, “Employee referral” is the largest source for candidates providing the highest quality applications. Have you ever considered asking your current employees if they personally have anyone in mind that they may have networked with, worked with, or know? This strategy can be used to seek out possible quality candidates for that position you are looking to fill, or that project you’d like to start. A good candidate that would be beneficial in furthering your business could be a short conversation away. 

A close runner-up to finding high quality applications is “Direct applications” or applicants who have directly applied to the job posting. Using this method, you can weed out those whose qualifications may not match to exactly what you’re looking for, and you can narrow down the applicants to those that are in fact qualified for the position you intend to fill. The right candidate you have been looking for may have applied to that posting, and it’s up to you to follow through and review their resume, portfolio, and experience for further investigation. 

Additional Strategies to Finding Good Candidates 

There is an unending variety of strategies and skills you can use to narrow your search for the best candidate. One strategy using employee referral is giving incentives to employees who successfully refer a quality candidate who is chosen to take on the job at hand. This prompts employees to actively seek out individuals they know to fit the role needed. A benefit of using this strategy is you are exerting less time and resources searching for candidates on other platforms and through other methods. Of course, you would have to set standards, rules, and regulations for the referrals so you aren’t getting just anybody thrown at you. As Kristina Martic, author of “How Do Recruiters Find the Right Job Candidates” stated, “Your employees are your best ambassadors.”

Another strategy pertaining to “Direct applications” would be to specifically specify qualifications that are needed for that position. Aim high if you need to, to get only top applicants. You can help eliminate lower level applicants by stating those without the proper qualifications will not be considered. Place questions and restrictions on applications that automatically limit those who do not have the qualifications. It may seem harsh, however it is a method that will work in order to ensure you find the best candidate.


It’s up to employers to be proactive, use the resources they have at hand to make the search for the best candidate easier on the company and themselves. Put yourself in the shoes of qualified individuals; how would you go about your job hunt? 

You cannot wait for candidates to come to you, when the best of them, are waiting to be sought out, go seek them.