Tips for Using LinkedIn to Find Candidates

LinkedIn is a platform that allows users to network and connect with other professionally motivated individuals.

This social media-designed website and mobile app has a variety of uses ranging from building relationships between entrepreneurs, to assisting qualified persons in finding a career. In addition, LinkedIn has also proven useful to employers who are seeking candidates for jobs, contracts, and work. 

Why LinkedIn? 

LinkedIn is a well-known and well-developed platform that many if not most employers and individuals seeking jobs use. It’s the perfect way to expand your network of professional connections. Also, according to FOUNDATION, LinkedIn reportedly “has over 660+ million members.” That is a mass amount of users compared to another major social media platform, for example, Facebook, which has 2.5 billion profiles. If you are a professional looking for the best candidates to bring onto your team, LinkedIn is the most promising platform you can use. 

Demonstrated in the graph above, is the growth rate of members using LinkedIn. The data provided in the image above can give you an idea of how substantial the increase in growth is for the site. Since this data chart was created, the rate has surpassed 660 million users which was previously mentioned. LinkedIn is no where near ceasing to gain popularity, and the time to join to find certified and qualified individuals to become apart of your next job opportunity is now.

So, How Do I Find Candidates on LinkedIn?

Finding qualified candidates on LinkedIn can prove to be a challenge, depending on what role you are looking to fill. However, there are multiple strategies you can incorporate into your search to make it easier and more fulfilling, ultimately finding the individual you are searching for. After that initial search, and role fulfillment, you will be more suited in understanding the process of finding candidates to occupy the available positions. Provided below, are three strategies to help you gain insight on finding that qualified individual.

Ask Your Network of LinkedIn Users

LinkedIn is a social media platform, so why not use it as one? Your network of other like-minded individuals may prove useful to your endeavors. Simply post on your LinkedIn feed that you are searching for a candidate to fulfill a role you have available, the qualifications needed, and whom you are targeting, and you may be surprised at the feedback and help you get from others you have connected with. You are also able to private message other users and ask if they personally know anyone, or if they are willing to ask their own network of individuals. It’s always smart to start with your own resources that you have at your disposal.

Search for Candidates on LinkedIn Using Keywords

Similar to those searching for jobs, you can utilize LinkedIn in order to search for qualified candidates. No, you do not need to sort through thousands of members to find that one person you’re searching for to match the credentials needed. In order to find candidates with ease, use keywords.

Using keywords to find candidates is an exceptional strategy for those that understand how to utilize it. In order to find applicants, type in specific words that target who you are looking for.

Such as, if you are seeking a qualified Computer Engineer, simply type, “engineer,” or, “computer engineer” in the search bar. Sometimes though, typing keywords is not enough. You will get results for individuals located all around the globe. You can use the filters LinkedIn provides in order to narrow down your search, ultimately leading to your finding of the perfect candidate.

Post Jobs, and Review Applications

This suggestion is obvious, yet can narrow down the search based on those who apply to the job posting. Ensure that you have an updated post, with specifications for whom you’re looking for. Be specific, let job seekers that they will not be considered if they apply and they are underqualified, or fail to provide the necessary certifications. This can aide in automatically filtering out those that may not fit the credentials needed for the role.

Based on who has applied, you can go through the applications, and from there contact those that may be suitable for the position.

LinkedIn is the Platform You’re Looking For.

The ease of use and variety of options LinkedIn provides makes hunting for the perfect candidate a hassle-free task. You have multiple resources while using the application at your disposal, and it’s up to you to take advantage of them. Learning how to use LinkedIn to your benefit can provide you with future options when seeking out the next candidate to fulfill the role you need. Let LinkedIn help you.